Perfectly Imperfect

Perfect Imperfect touches on the poetry you can see when you stop to take a look at the way that fabric is draped with intent on the body. A language of detail developed through a cross-cultural relationship with the body and fabric. Key words for this collection are curiosity, sensual and poetic. I felt it was time for a more comfortable yet delicate approach to explore. I am constantly exploring the idea of femininity through fabric, silhouettes and storytelling.

Mini Series

A study of boundary-pushing basics. With creative and self expression at its core, we are creating a curated a range of garments and accessories. We will be following a made-to-order and pre-order model as a way of limiting over production. Our new approach to design is aimed to fill in the gaps in your wardrobe with an effortlessly unconventional take on existing garments. We want to fulfill the everyday hidden sexiness with a little cheekiness at is core.

Lust For Comfort

Lust for comfort reveals the battle between what we know and what we feel. The concept of the exploration of identity and self expression. A subversive approach to clothing, with dark romanticism with a hint of fragility. This collection strikes a signature balance between effortless,powerful, minimal and sexy. Key items are constructed with details of lingerie, which is used to hint at what is hidden underneath to evoke the excitement of desire.

Under Your Skin

Under Your skin demonstrates underlining sexual notions with motifs of fragility. A key word for this collection is emotion. This collection has a contrast between the outside inside which are the parts of ourselves that we keep private. The concept of getting undressed and exposing the inner world of a woman.This collection celebrates the thought of being a woman. Undressing may be the means by which we cast off our public identity and become our private selves. Key pieces are made out of bra straps, reiterating the inside being shown on the outside, revealing our most innerselves. The level of transparency is built on layers and creases in the folds to convey the hiding of your own insecurities, yet failing to communicate your inner vulnerability.